About Tennis On The Lake

Tennis On The Lake is celebrating 19 years in city! We offer group lessons, private and semi-private lessons, kids camps, and have a full service pro shop at Park (summer only). Our exclusive TOTL training system will help you become a better tennis player by strengthening the mind body connection and ensuring a solid foundation for future progress.


You’ll enjoy a great workout while getting some sun at our many outdoor courts in city.

You’ll also get a chance to meet new tennis players from the city area. Our staff of tennis professionals include some of the best local players and coaches who undergo thorough training in the TOTL system to provide consistent classes in a FUN, ACTIVE, and CREATIVE environment.

Wear appropriate attire and bring a tennis racquet, water and sunscreen. Take along a notepad to track your development.


Wear comfortable athletic wear. Women usually wear capri pants or tennis skirts and tank-tops. Men are suitable in shorts or lightweight pants and t-shirts or polo shirts.

 All white is not required, we like color! Tennis shoes (not running or athletic shoes) are strongly recommended. Tennis shoes are designed for lateral movement with more ankle support. Students who injure their feet and ankles out on the courts are always wearing inappropriate footwear.

Depending on the individual, high school age children generally do fine in an adult group. On occasion, we can find other teenagers or you may be able to recruit some of your son or daughter’s friends to create a special group that can be scheduled at a location and time convenient for you.